Make Your Own Memory Quilt: Daytime Course

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Dreaming of making a memory quilt for your child out of their baby clothes but don't know where to start? As well as making memory quilts for you at the den, we can also guide you through the whole process step-by-step, allowing you to start, develop and finish your own memory quilt. Rather than doing a set 6 week course like I did pre-covid, I am now offering it as a pay-as-you-go course - days must however be booked so that I can control numbers and know who is coming. I have also cut numbers down to just 2 per session to allow for social distancing.

On this course, I will show you how to carefully prepare your baby's clothes ready for the quilt. I will then help guide you in the layout process, helping you to overcome any issues and be creative in the design. I will then help you to layer up your quilt correctly, quilt it and then bind it with perfectly mitred corners and a hand finished back.

You are very welcome to bring your baby with you if you need to, and we will work together to help you get the work done around baby. We have a large space with play mats, toys, baby bouncers and a changing table (a bit less available during the pandemic so that we can make sure everything is thoroughly cleaned).

In terms of the quilt we have all of the equipment here. You may wish to treat yourself to your own pair of fabric scissors as you'll be spending quite a bit of time cutting out!

The course will run every Tuesday and Friday 9.30-12.30pm - 3 hours as we are taking into account that at least 30 minutes of that will be taken up feeding baby!