Parent and baby hideout! 0-3's welcome!

As a stay at home Mum I found myself at a loss at what to do during the day, particularly when my children were young babies. There were a few groups in Ashford but not many and I was always a bit lost on a Monday. So, new parents of Ashford - do not despair, the craft den is here for you too! Available every Monday 9.30-11.30am for you to drop in at any time during those 2 hours. No need to turn up on time, leave on time, stay for a certain amount of time - the time and space is there to do as you please. The group costs just £1 to sit and relax, chat to other parent's, drink tea/coffee, eat biscuits and watch the babies interact.

For those of you with 2 children under 3, you are welcome to bring both along.

We have a large space with a comfy sofa, rocking chair, baby mats, a baby changing table and will also have some basic crafts and sticking set up at the table for the toddlers. We also have some baby and toddler toys.

If you would like to do some hand or footprints with your children this will also be available. Small tiles are £5, large 8 inch tiles are £8. Free personalisation is available too, just let us know so that we have time to set up and print it for you. Our selection of wooden shapes and pottery painting is also always available for everyone.

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