Sand Art for all ages 17th and 22nd Feb

Our last sand art session was loved by all, kids, parents and grandparents! We have a wide range of pictures at different levels, from our simple toddler pictures, to our complex large mandalas. The craft is so simple it can be enjoyed from 2yrs old and the results are always successful. We have several sand art sessions coming up, including a Sunday session and over half term. Just use the drop down menu to book on. Each postcard, circle picture and book mark costs just £3.50. We also have some much more complex larger mandalas for £6 which can take around 2 hours to complete!

If you prefer to book a slot, you can do so here but if you prefer to turn up that is fine too (you might need to wait a few minutes if it is busy). If you want to do one of the more complex pictures please make sure you allow time to complete it,

10am-11am on Saturday 22nd February is reserved for our SEN sand art session, creating a calmer environment with less children (must be booked separately).

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